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2011-06-25 15:23:52 by crazytree

Looks like This place needs some life again, and an update O_O I do bigger and better things now, Although most big projects need some more work. god there is so much to update you guys on, (if anyone actually followed my work on here) First of all I am working on Birdseed, which will be my summer project. Its a short film that will be in full color and animation. Its looking much nicer then some of this stuff, as you can see from these early tests of the characters


I would Update you guys further If not for the fact I'm packing for a major trip (or trips) Keep an eye out for more updates though :) I plan to give this place some life again.


OK hey, Its been a long time since I have touched this account, I still animate but time does stuff to people, But i'm happy to say I'm gettin back on the horse, SEE YALL SOON


2008-11-16 17:29:52 by crazytree

sure, I've been invisable but hey thats not to say I'm lazy. I have a diviant art to now and have junk up on it. on it I'm called crazytree101. look at what I made! ven gif? ven gif!


Well this cartoon is not only long in length but also it is hard to get around to! I'm now in an art school for media and theater and all is well. But I just overall need to unjust to all this crazy stuff. My school work is now a lot more of a time consumer and I have a lot more than just that to deal with. But all in all, a small wait till my next cartoon.

I will say that due to vacation I have not used flash in awhile... but I'm sure I'll get back on track. oh, and also,
1. the pix film I found out was blown out of the water by some other film all in pixle... eh
2. I have alomst run out of vib ribbon music and I need help getting the vocoder for him (NTT speech synthesizer) it's japaniese so ya...


2008-07-08 11:59:09 by crazytree

This is indeed a spectacle, the film I'm working on now is quite different, it is composed of my own pixel art. The song is fitting and sounds 8-bit and, and,- wait... I'll just let you see when I'm done... Also, the review I had left on the blockhead short left me looking stupid because I had no idea that his name was blockhead or that he was so known that he was atop the STINKEN FLASH PORTAL BANNER!!! But alas, I'm new so don't complain if I didn't know.

ven two is out and I am back to the drawing bored but I think I will start rolling out my greatest film ever from awhile ago to put on NG. But alas I need to fix it and that may take forever. It is a game about shooting the sun with rockets or attacks of at least 30 options. Other then that, this game is as easy as hitting a button (witch by the way, that's all you do). A game that gives you the ability to launch the weapon you're on. Soon you begin to throw parts of your planet to kill that sun that at the end turns into a demon thing, and you must stop it with a battle ship because you already threw the whole planet at it. This one will not be a measly few weeks so I will submit in-between stuff.

Oh snap! Flash has a glitch!

2008-06-27 12:04:50 by crazytree

Well I have by older brother checking it out but the problem is that the sound has little to no sync even if it dose obviously sync in the fla. It should work but there are reasons and my brother will find them I hope.

Oh, and if my brother fixes it, you will see this! Ven 2!

Oh snap! Flash has a glitch!

Well it was a test to see what I can do with sprite animation. If you want to see more stuff that looks like ven then just wait a tad longer. This is also were you can help me find out who to credit for that song.

I have always wanted an account to a flash site... Ven is my first pick, but the weird thing is, is that I have films later and earlier than this but they are all have way to much unoriginal content (random gifs, sound effects, voices) so I must go and fix them up before sending them in. Some may or may not take forever. So random submissions from all times may appear, I will tell you if it is one of my early films.