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I'ts fixed, done, and hungry for more!

2008-07-04 09:57:53 by crazytree

ven two is out and I am back to the drawing bored but I think I will start rolling out my greatest film ever from awhile ago to put on NG. But alas I need to fix it and that may take forever. It is a game about shooting the sun with rockets or attacks of at least 30 options. Other then that, this game is as easy as hitting a button (witch by the way, that's all you do). A game that gives you the ability to launch the weapon you're on. Soon you begin to throw parts of your planet to kill that sun that at the end turns into a demon thing, and you must stop it with a battle ship because you already threw the whole planet at it. This one will not be a measly few weeks so I will submit in-between stuff.


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2008-07-04 12:51:17

Lol i was here...

dude ven rules and i love random stuff...

rock on and peace out...